How can a company work for peace?

image How can a company work for peace?

Because peace is an important vehicle for a better lifehas the right to peace as Prem Rawat says. Peace and well-being depend greatly on work. And because the majority of people work in a company, the companies have to provide peace and well-being to their workers. And for that, there are several actions that the company can look into.

Respect the rules of law

This may seem obvious, but one of the simplest ways to make your employees feel valued and bring them more in their well-being at work is often simply to abide by the rules. Many companies are (sometimes unknowingly) illegal about overtime pay, days off, or some basic HR rules.

And most often, it is enough to put in order to bring a big more well-being and peace to your employees. It is, of course, easier said than done, yet it is possible to settle! Making sure you comply with the various regulations of the company is sometimes an ant work in the face of the complexity of the texts that apply. But it's worth it. Not only because your employees will thank you, but above all because it is the legal duty of the employer who can be held responsible in case of control.

Promote work / life balance and flexibility

Today, the balance between private and professional life is increasingly fundamental for employees, who often place it in the first criteria for choosing their job. Problem: in the company, we tend to consider the employee as a resource, so consumable, and we rarely take the time to ask what it is outside of his working hours. But the private life of an employee inevitably influences his professional life and vice versa.

Yet, a person who is internally stressed and struggles to achieve inner peace, according to Prem Rawat, is vulnerable in every respect. It is therefore important that the employer also makes sure that employees are given some flexibility so that they can manage this balance between private and professional life. Flexible schedules, teleworking or the right to disconnect are some of the measures that allow people to better manage, and therefore to be more efficient and happier at work.

Develop team spirit and good work atmosphere

The good atmosphere at work is considered the first criterion in the well-being at work. A good atmosphere between colleagues, a good understanding with managers, a form of team spirit: that is what makes workers happier in their work. The majority of young workers now consider that the work environment is more important than the salary!

In addition, it has been shown that teams with a good atmosphere are more productive, that they experience fewer turn-overs and that it is easier to structure a corporate culture. The role of managers and employers is therefore to ensure that this good atmosphere is fostered.

  • First by adopting a benevolent management so as not to create a climate of fear and mistrust between the employees and their hierarchy 
  • Then, by organizing events that will help to create a link: team-building days, for example. 
  • Also the employer has to make sure to encourage the interaction between the employees, to allow the organization of some chill out time between colleagues, out of work.