08.03 2020

Association: How to organize a fundraising event?

image Association: How to organize a fundraising event?

Whether you are an association known worldwide as The Prem Rawat Foundation, or a regional association that has just started, organizing an event for a fundraising is the best way to achieve the goals of the association, while becoming known.

Take inspiration from other associations

Many associations around the world manage to organize and hold successful fundraising events. So you can take inspiration from what they do, without copying them. For that, you can take inspiration from the convincing speeches of Prem Rawat, or events that his association organizes around the world to support the cause he defends.

Have goals that you can reach

You must know how much you will need to build the event and how much you expect to raise. All of that account must be realistic so you will not lose money. For this, you need to have in advance a complete list of donors for the event. Whether in-kind donations such as food or clothing, or financial donations, everything must be budgeted.

To achieve your goals, do not hesitate to detail in your invitation card the amount you want to have or the gifts in kind you are looking for. Some donors may answer you before the event and make a check in advance, which will greatly facilitate your task. Others may advise you in advance of the height of their contribution. In any case, always set a minimum amount in your expectations of donations, a higher amount in the invitations you send, and the least possible expense during the organization.

Build a strong invitation card

The invitation card that you send to the donors must win from the front lines of the recipient. The card can be sent by email, press release or handed directly to donors. It must, of course, contain all your information. It is mandatory that your association is in good standing administratively speaking.

Present your field of action, your beneficiaries, and the key members of your association and anything that can give confidence to the potential donor. Do not forget to put your goals as an association, and your goals for the fundraising event. Feel free to put pictures of your accomplishments. Some people, for example, put pictures of their volunteers in action or pictures of the schools you want to rebuild.

Choose your potential donors carefully

You cannot afford to invite anyone to your event. So you need to pay special attention to the companies or people who will most likely respond positively to your fundraising request. For that, it is imperative to rally them to your cause. You are not going to send an invitation to a butcher if you are an association fighting for the animal cause.

In the same way, you are only going to invite donors who in their work and their daily life are fighting for your cause. You will therefore target companies that have a direct relationship with your cause. But also companies that can gain visibility and improved public relations with you. Nevertheless, it is appropriate to thank all the donors, big and small. A thank you letters:

  • A thank you card once the event is over, 
  • A mention in the program of the show, 
  • A feedback for donations received from the event, followed by thanks.

Showing gratitude will make people want to donate again and more for further projects needing fundraising.