10.03 2020

How to create your peace association?

image How to create your peace association?

Are you willing to bring your part in world peace like Prem Rawat did? One way to achieve that is by planning to create an association for peace. Whether at the national or international level, there are rules and bases to know before creating your association.

Who can create a peace association?

To be able to create an association for peace, one must have the capacity to contract. The law provides that any natural person is able to contract, except in case of foreseen incapacity. This capacity is aimed at all emancipated major and minor people. The law also allows individuals over 16 years of age who are not emancipated to contract as part of an association. Major under curatorship who concludes acts without significant pecuniary consequences may take part in an association contract.

The same applies to the military (in the limit where the association is devoid of political character and remains unprofessional), legal persons (when the object of the association is compatible with its object), and foreigners (under the same conditions as nationals). But because of their age or failure, some people are considered "inapt":

  • Unemancipated minors: authorized to contract only through their legal representative (parent or guardian), 
  • The adults placed under guardianship: authorized to contract through their guardian.

A simple and orderly procedure

In the majority of European countries, after having chosen the name and the registered office of the association, it is necessary to write the statutes of the future structure with the other founding members. These will allow to precisely define the rules inherent to the functioning of the association: 

  • The functioning of the governing bodies, 
  • Recovery of contributions, 
  • Conditions of dissolution, 
  • Convocation of general assemblies.

The declaration must then be sent by mail to the registry of associations of the prefecture of the head office of the association. The latter will finally be published in the Government Publication for Associations.

Declare your association

Nothing requires you to declare your association, but it is a recommended approach. It is thanks to this that it can become a legal person, and acquire a legal capacity. To do this, you must hand a file to the prefecture, or the sub-prefecture, corresponding to the head office of your association.

It delivers you, within 5 days more or less, a receipt, then sends the request to publish an extract of the declaration in the Government Publication for associations. Beware, there can be, according to the countries, the states and the regions, peculiarities. So first ask the competent authorities in your area, to be sure to do everything in the rules and not to fool you in the documents to get.

Members of an association

The members are basically divided into several categories: the founders (for example Prem Rawat for the foundation bearing his name), the assets, the honorary members and others, who each has their own prerogatives that vary according to their involvement in the life of the association.

In general, to obtain membership, it is necessary to participate actively and personally in the life of the association, physically, materially or intellectually. For participants to be considered, they have to participate in the general meetings of the association for which a report must be rendered.